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Our Story. Our Mission.

Back in 1999, LUNA® was introduced as the very first nutrition bar for women. The mission was to create momentum, champion women, and spark change. To fuel women’s ambition as well as their bodies.

That vision inspired us to create LUNAFEST® in 2001, the world’s first all-women traveling film festival.

For the past 21 years, we’ve celebrated a powerful and diverse set of women filmmakers and given their short films a national platform. Our first event was a small but hopeful screening in California. Since then, we’ve celebrated and shared the work of more than 170 women filmmakers, raising over $6.5 million for local women’s causes. Now our unique platform is showcased at over 200 events each season creating impact through dollars raised and awareness built toward some of the most pressing issues facing society today.

Our work is not yet done. We invite you to Play A Part: Attend a screening or host an event.

 It’s about giving women the opportunity to tell their stories and opening the door for filmmakers who might not otherwise be given the chance to show their art.

– Kit Crawford,
  Co-Creator, Clif Bar & Company,
  makers of LUNA Bar
Read more about the inspiration behind LUNAFEST here.

Our Partner


Chicken & Egg Pictures celebrates and champions women storytellers. This organization provides mentorship and critical financial support to female nonfiction filmmakers. Not only have the films gained recognition, they’ve made an impact on social and economic issues. 

Together, LUNAFEST and Chicken & Egg Pictures are creating a strong community for women in the film industry.

Featured Artist

Reyna Noriega

This year's LUNAFEST illustration was designed by Miami-based artist Reyna Noriega.  As an Afro-Caribbean Latina, she has seen firsthand the importance of positive representation.  She aims to fill the world with vibrant, joyful depictions of diverse and marginalized people.

Reyna Noriega


Learn more about the history of LUNAFEST in our 20th Anniversary video below.